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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday David

Today David turned 19! This is one important birthday for him we are excited to have been able to celebrate it with him before he goes back to Washington. David and I went to lunch today together and had some great mexican food. Then planned for the evening was a little bowling and pizza. We met up with Aimee, Aaron and Michelle at The Rex to go bowling.

David opened his presents from Mom and Dad, Megan and Lance, and from Brian, Braden and I. He got Mario Cart for the Wii from mom and dad and some cool clothes, Megan and Lance got him an outfit....like he needs more clothes, but we got him a "birthday" shirt too, and a few things for missionary preperation: book; "What I Wished I'd Knew Before My Mission," journal, tie, and oil vile. Oh also big thanks to Aimee, Aaron, Michelle and Matt Mosley for the card and giftcard.

This is David posing with his new clothes....yes he is still the same goofy uncle dav. We love him.

So Braden thought he would help Uncle Dav open his presents tonight....if only Braden could have figured out how to do that just a few weeks ago with his own presents....

Thanks from David to everyone for all the great gifts.

Then we did cake and blowing out candles, as requested by David we had yellow cake with vanilla frosting. So since David likes peeps we incorporated those in the cake.
We want to thank David for the time he has spent here in our home and what a fun part of our family he has become over the past 8 months. We are grateful for the blessing he has been in our lives and Braden's...he will always remember you, I know he will miss you! We are proud of how you have grown while being away from home and here in Idaho, and know that as you continue to prepare to serve a mission you will be blessed. Keep going in an upward direction and you will get where you want to go. Keep being a good example for all of us. Happy 19th Birthday, we all hope you enjoyed your day!! :)

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Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

Glad your birthday went well Dav, looks like you guys had lots of fun!!! You have grown into such a wonderful young man. You are one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know! We love you lots and are excited for you to be back in WA! PS...now that you have mario cart wii, we can play you online!