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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Braden's 1st Birthday! March 2nd

Braden turned one year old on March 2nd! You can see how big he is getting and how he is looking like such a little man! We chose to celebrate his big day when his Grammy and Auntie Meg and cousin Kaylee arrived...March 5th. BUT we did take a few photos on the actual day.
Braden with mom and dad in the morning before mom had to go to work...we opened one little toy truck.
Then that night with the pjs that Uncle Dav bought..aren't they super cute...Tow Mater.
We did take Braden out for ice cream that night, since he LOVES ice cream, but I usually don't let him eat too much of it.

We had a dino themed birthday party for Braden. Grammy helped to pull of this dino event. We had "Baby Rex Ribs", teradacktal tenders (chicken), and dinosaur eggs (twice baked potatoes)...oh and dino shaped chicken nuggets for the little kids. Making Braden's cake was fun, we decided to make two different ones...

As soon as we starting singing to Braden, he got this giant smile on his face. Then we placed the cake in front him...at first he was a little timid to dive in and so we had to help him out a little. After eating, singing, and cake we opened up LOTS of presents. Since we had lots of family and friends....well and first baby for mom and dad I do have to say Braden had a crazy amount of presents. Ashlyn and Elly helped Braden open them all. He got fun toys, lots of books, new clothes including summer shorts and swimming trunks! I think Braden's favorite part though was the giant 17" balloons I had at his party. He loved playing with those.

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The Bham Family said...

Happy Birthday to Braden! He's so adorable, and does look like a little man with his hair all spiked and stuff ;) Linds, those cakes look GREAT!!! I'm going to have to hire you to do my kids' birthday cakes!!!