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Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving to Washington....

So yes, the news is true I AM MOVING HOME! This post is dedicated to the MANY reasons why I love Washington, but particularly why I love the Pacific Northwest/Puget Sound/Home of Mt. Rainier whatever you want to call it.
First, I must begin with Mt. Rainer the backdrop of my life until age 18. Above is my parent's neighborhood and the magnificent Mt. Rainier. Below is Brian and I hiking the foot hills. Oh how I have missed seeing you these past 8 years.

On the piers of the Seattle water front I took Brian when we were first engaged...we haven't been back for a while, so this is on the top of our to sees when we return to WA.

Space Needle....a classic....yummy food on top. I actually never ate up there until I lived in Idaho and went back for work. However, I have been to it several times before that. Now I need to take Brian up there, oh so many great things for him to see. SO in no particular order I have found photos to show all the sweet things WA has to offer.

Eagles! This is an important one. While I was growing up my mom always pointed out when she saw a bald eagle, she believes after this life she will get to work with the eagles...they are amazing birds. You also can check them out of close and personal at Point Defiance Zoo and aquarium, another fun thing I grew up doing. Brian and I have been there together too.

Ferry Rides.....for pleasure or just commuting.

City lights....can't wait for city night life! Not sure Idaho knows what that is. Don't get me wrong Idaho has its own beauty to offer, just nothing like this.

Tacoma water front..water, water, water.....YAY! Real lakes, real ocean!!

Glass museum....pretty much any kind of museum....Seattle Art Museum, science center, oh there are lots I won't list them all....

TRAFFIC! For those of you who thought Rexburg had traffic, HA!

Not that in any way do I miss traffic, but its a part of moving to the big town. So there is the lame traffic (above) and there is the pretty traffic (below).

Zoo Lights!

Snoqualmie Pass....tubing, skiing, boarding!!

Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners....

Fabulous Sea Food, really fabulous food, I mean the restauants our endless....good bye to the lame option of Applesbees in Rexburg (well may I add that that is a lame option anywhere....its like fast food sit down style) or Jakers in Twin...however I might on occasion miss the Sandpiper or Cellar of Idaho Falls, but I am sure I can find places better! So clam chowder here I come, Halibut, crab, shrimp, yum yum yum.
Overcast days, rain, fog, rain, no sun, rain, rain, did I mention rain. I am going to have to get use to that again. I guess rain is the price we pay for such green beauty!

OH back to food again...the Bite of Seattle, taste of Tacoma.......

Narrows bridge...

Puyallup Fair!!!

Whales! Ocean! Jellyfish!

Northwest Trek, a classic as a kid. We took Braden here on one of our trips home already so he is already prepared for the future excitement of tram rides. LOL

Daffodil parade....I played the flute in jr. high in this parade for three years, and then danced in it for two...what can I say I like to be part of the action.

So to all of you who already get to live in this great part of the world if you have not experienced the great things of this area (and there are about a zillion more I didn't list....) get out there and enjoy where you live! After being away for school then brian's school I am even more grateful for the part of the world I was born in. I was surrounded by so many fun things to do, eat, and see....I didn't realize until moving away how great it was.
Oh and this is the State Capital....we are moving just next door to the town of Lacey.


Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

I love love love this post!!!! I hope we never have to move away. Now WA will be even better with you guys living here!!!!

Bucket's List said...

Ditto! Ditto! And Ditto!!!

Linda said...

I'm happy for you to move to the place you love! That's awesome! I take it Brian got the job??!! YAY!!!

Delee said...

I love Washington, too! :) It was really fun to run into you and see your kids in person. They're so cute. I hope you have a great move. I'm excited for you!

Pugmire family said...

OK I am so so so homesick right now. Thanks for a trip down memory lane! I need to visit!I need a little ctiy night life and to inhale a little salty air!