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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emmitt is 4 Months....already!

Emmitt is 4 months today!
He is 17lbs, yikes!! That's 2 lbs in 2 months.
And look at those blue eyes!

Over this past weekend he grew up...he is now rolling onto his side and trying really hard to make it onto his tummy, hold toys and sucking on them, and when I hold a toy in front of him he thinks about it for a minute then slowly reaches up and tries grabbing for the toy. YAY! Oh the little things we have to learn. Such a fun milestone.

He is being Mr. Serious in these pics, but he has the sweetest smile. He is super happy and giggles a lot, mainly at me. He is really ticklish! He is the BEST baby! I didn't know babies could sleep so well and be so happy this little (this was not my experience with the first). Emmitt is pretty happy as long as he is fed, changed and not tired. He still eats quite frequently; however, we have progressed to every three hours most of the time because we have started rice cereal and or bananas once a day. Can't wait for him to get to try all sorts of other yummy foods. Braden ate anything as a baby so hopefully Emmitt will enjoy food as much as he did. He goes to bed about 8pm, eats once at night then sleeps til about 7am. He still naps 4 times a day, 3 shorter ones and 1 longer in the afternoon. I am hoping we can get to 2 long naps soon and move to sleeping through the night. He has slept through the night several times but was going to bed later and waking up earlier to eat, like 5am. So I am much happier with his current schedule. He loves bath time! He loves Braden! When Braden isn't being loud and all smothery he loves watching Braden. He of course loves Daddy and Mommy and we love him!!