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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cousins playing in Grams backyard

Okay not such great pics here....but these two. So it is rainy outside but they really want to go outside in Grammy's backyard to see the "nemo" fish and the mommy rock. There is a pond with fish in it and since they are orange they are automatically categorized as nemo fish. Then there is this giant rock that they just sit on and they call it the mommy rock. Brian played with them outside forever and they just sat and sat on this rock who knew they could stay in one place for so long. These two were best buds before they came down to earth because they just love each other. Sometimes we still have to work on the sharing and such but they were so excited to see each other every day we were there. Oh and the pics....so Braden likes to take his backpack everywhere and so Kaylee came over with her own backpack one day (like braden's she said). How cute!

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