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Sunday, January 3, 2010

September 2009

No we have not completely disappeared from the blogging world....just had a really busy four months. I will try to include some highlights from the last while.

Basically I entered budget season, the busiest time of year for me at work...the busy part lasts about 4 months..so yea it is done now.

Brian started his last semester at BYUI. He has gone year round with now breaks for the last three years, but did his Bachelors in record time. We are so proud of him.
This is Brian's attempt at a smile...he didn't want his picture taken. This is the first day of his last semester at BYUI.

Braden is just getting bigger and bigger and busier and busier...basically being a boy!

And to top off all that excitement we found out we are expecting baby number two. So for me this meant three months of being quite sick. The thought of food repulsing, the thought of cooking for Brian, even worse! SO here we go. A look back on the last four months. I hope to be better at this now that i am not so sick! Wish me luck!

Braden had his first dentist appointment with Dr. Hammond. Just as Brian finished his check out Dr. Hammond looked at Braden's eight little teeth. Everything looked like it was growing in nicely. Braden's favorite part was getting his new tigger toothbrush.

Braden loved smelling mommy's flowers...almost time to get rid of them, the cold weather will be here soon.
We are still working on smiling at the camera instead of grabbing for it.

Brian had to get in as much golfing as possible before the snow came. Braden loved putting in the house with Dad.
We traveled to Washington for Papa's 50th birthday. Braden doesn't look very happy...but soon as we got to eat that yummy chocolate cake he was good. Megan I need you to send me the photos you took of the party...this is where my camera broke:(
We did go to the Puyallup Fair one night with my parents, but since Braden was still to small for the rides, he will have to wait until next year to Do the Puyallup.

Braden has been climbing on our bed for quite some time now...but we just got a video of it. Since our bed is so tall it is quite the task.

I think this about wraps up September.

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Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

I love all the new blog updates! I will email you the pics from dad's bday!