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Sunday, January 3, 2010

October 2009

We found out we were expecting baby number two on October 1st! So this means a June baby just like we planned, yeah! But what this month also meant was morning sickness, well for me it means all day sickness. The worst of it began while on my budget retreat in Seattle, WA. Luckily it was at the end of my training with Horizon. However, there was one "fun" time with my boss....as he was driving me back to meet my sister I started feeling very sick. I mentioned to him I might need him to pull over and he kindly replied...don't worry I can do throw up, even if it is in my jeep. Gross. I couldn't get sick in his jeep. SO he did have to pull over for a bit, and then we were on our way again. Luckily before the next time we made it to a rest stop where I could make it to the bathroom. OH the joys of being pregnant...and all of this only at 7 weeks.
This continued through the rest of October, even into Halloween. I dressed up so we could take Braden out, but immediately got sick once we got home again.

So for Halloween Braden was a little monkey. He was quite cute!! Thanks to Old Navy's cute toddler costumes...and to my cute little boy. There was even a little banana in his pocket. Brian used David's batman costume, and I just dressed up as Tink again, since it is the only costume I own and I was not up for putting a new one together this month.

We stopped by Aimee's house to trick or treat and she was nice enough to take a family photo. Thanks Aim. She also gave Braden a few treats! We then went to Pizza Hut for dinner and to see Michelle who was working. Yummy dinner until I made it home that night. :(

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