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Sunday, January 3, 2010

December 19, 2009 Brian's Graduation

Congratulations Brian! Brian graduated from Brigham Young University, Idaho on December 19, 2009 with his Bachelors in Business Management/Finance. Just short of three years since he started here we are done!
In addition, to this excitement he was flown back to Spokane, WA for a final interview with Northwest FCS where he was offered a position in their year long training program as an Insurance Agent. Location: Twin Falls, ID. So Brian will be working down in Twin Falls during the week and will come home on the weekends. Not fun, but it is the best thing for our family right now until we know where a more permanent location will be.
I am so proud of Brian and ALL the hard work he put into his education so far, graduating with a 3.7 GPA he worked very hard to do so well these last three years.

We love you!


Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

Yay, way to go Brian!

The Bham Family said...

Congratulations! I bet you're both excited to be done with school! Good luck with the long weeks... the weekends will become even more precious to you, I'm sure :) But, it sounds like a great opportunity.