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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Brian's parents where he ENTIRE family came...36 people for dinner! This year we learned about France and enjoyed a few French recipes. I made twice baked potatoes and a french dessert...which took me three hours to make (very involved recipe).
Braden and Elle playing with their new toys.
Braden was very excited with his new little book, and his cousin Phillip read it to him.

So this is us trying to take a family photo and Braden giving me LOTS of kisses, I couldn't get him to stop. It was so funny he just kept mushing my face off!

The happy couple.....we are all betting on an engagement soon. Melissa, Brian's little sister and Logan. He sang Oh Holy Night in French that night.
Grandpa and Grandma enjoying all the kids running around!
We had a lot of fun and then went home to open our Christmas PJs. Unfortunately, Braden fell asleep on the way home so he didn't get to open his and I didn't get to take a picture that night. We finished stuffing stockings and went to bed. My parents still on their way to Rexburg...they arrived about 4:30am.

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Mosley Fam said...

Yay-you updated! Way cute pictures! Looks like you had a fun Christmas! Miss you!