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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Eve

This New Year's Eve was a labor of love! We chaparoned the stake youth dance. Luckily my parents came along since all our friends bailed on us! (jk friends) We decided to make the most of it and went to dinner at Red Lobster (my dad's request and Anthony's was booked). The dance brought back lots of my favorite memories as a YW, since I went to a dance every Saturday night! All I wanted to do was bust out my best dance moves with everyone else!! But I resisted for the most part so I didn't embarrass my dear young women. However, Brian and I got in one slow dance, and I got one with my dad...oh and my dad and I did join in on the electric slide....man I forgot how long that song is! I am thinking a night out dancing will be in my near future since I had to be a fly on the wall at this one!
Dad enjoying his lobster, crap legs and shimp!
Friday night before we took the boys to Jumping Jacks for a little fun. Emmitt LOVED the slide...he got brave enough to go on his own. I discovered this because every time I climbed those stairs and sat down with him he about jumped out of my arms to go down. HE just flew down. Excuse the video that is sideways.
This is one Braden's favorite places...I think we need to advance to Charlie Safari one of these days since he pretty much only plays on this slide. I must say though it is my favorite too.

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Becca said...

I hope we are not the friends you are talking about!!! We were never signed on for that craziness. :)