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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playin at the Park

Okay, this photo is just a random one.....but the ones below are from our outing to the park today with Auntie Meg, KK, and Emma.
These babies kept trying to escape to the wood chips.
This is Kaylee not smiling for the picture...Aunt Meg and I did a good job though.
We had fun being in the sun...just can't get enough of this great summer weather (finally). Ya, none of the kids are paying any attention to Auntie Meg with the camera, or at least are not smiling. Emma was doing such a good job walking today....we kept practicing with her. Emmitt does a great job of standing but he is a little too laid back and doesn't seem to care too much. On a happier note he cut his 8th tooth today, this explains his super grumpy behavior the past two days. Emmitt also turned 15 months yesterday! He is starting to look so old.

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