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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Las Vegas Baby!

We checked into The Palazzo Hotel on Sunday afternoon the day before the New Business Owners Conference hosted by American Family Insurance...nice hotel! A lot like the Venetian which is where I stayed last time I was in Vegas...they are connected to each other guess it makes sense.

Brian liked the dessert table :)

The first night AmFam hosted a tailgate party to what the Championship Basketball Game.
We took a little walk afterwards...and yes little...I was in some pretty HOT shoes! Which means they are about 2 hour shoes and not meant for walking so we stopped into the local Walgreens for some flip flops...who forgets flip flops when going to vegas, oh I did.

This is proof that blue sky still exists somewhere in the world since I haven't seen it in at least a month back in WA. And those are my toes to prove I was at the pool...since I was by myself I just read in the sun....lovely! I even got a little pink glow!

Of course we stopped into the Mac store on our way to dinner in the Caesar Forum Shops.

This pic was for Braden! I saw Woody and Jesse!
OH ya this was a business conference so this is us in our rooms before we went to hear Lou Holtz speak. What an amazing guy!

Thanks mom for watching our little boys and even sick little Emmitt. Glade they could spend time with Gram and Pop. We headed back to the overcast sky of WA on Wednesday....wish we could have brought the sun with us...but no as we walked outside it was of course raining. Guess that's why we have such green trees.


Kimra Bham said...

Looks like you've had a lot of fun adventures lately!!! Seems like AmFam is treating you right :) Glad you got to escape to the sun and warmth for a while!! You look great in all these pics, Linds!!!

Linda said...

Sounds like a fun little Vegas getaway! I get you enjoyed being by a swimming pool with the sunshine! I'm jealous! :-) Haha.

Thanks for your last post on my blog about Jaden sleeping. I appreciate the things you said. :-)