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Thursday, January 20, 2011


So back on November 20, 2010 we completed loading the uhaul, packed all the kids up and we moved to Lacey, WA. Just in time to miss a major snow storm that hit Twin Falls we made it to Lacey about 11 hours later.
I am now attempting to catch up on the past two months since we've been in Washington, now that I have internet! Since my only internet was my phone I wasn't able to post.
First a BIG thanks to my sister and brother David for their help in getting us moved here. And to my parents who showed up at our new home that night around 9pm with a warm yummy dinner and hands to help us get our beds moved in. The rest waited until the next day. Since Brian was really sick and had been for the past month we didn't quite have the will power to unload that night especailly since Brian drove the all 11 hours in that uHaul with David as his wing man and Megan drove the van while I tended to the four kids (2 two years olds, and 2 5 month olds). If I remember right the kids were sick too...such fun!
We managed the next few days to get most everything put away before Thanksgiving.

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