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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th of July Baby Blessing= Full House

Mom, Dad, Megan, Lance, Kaylee, and Emma all made the trip to Twin Falls for Emmitt's blessing on fourth of July weekend. I was so excited when Megan and Lance decided last minute to come, this meant I got to meet my new little niece Emma who is only three weeks older than Emmitt. This is us posing as happy mommies.

We took everyone to Shoshone Falls

Always fun to ask someone to take your photo...he did a pretty good job. Both babies slept happily in the baby bjorns, but they are there even though all you can see are their skinny little legs danglin out.

Up the snake river.

My son loves to kiss kiss kiss. Grammy was happy to get one or two or three.

Brian's family (Mom, Dad, Melissa & Logan) arrived Saturday night and we all went out for some good old fashioned BBQ at a new grill we had never tried called Smokin Cowboys BBQ. This is Kaylee, apparently that is the only photo we took at this evenings activities.

The next morning was the 4th of July and the Sunday we blessed Emmitt. Brian had been preparing all week and we discussed what blessing we wanted for Emmitt. So with some great spiritual preperation and a little help or a lot of help from the Lord Brian gave a beautiful blessing in which Emmitt was given many wonderful future blessings. Number one in my thoughts was that he would be the peacemaker in our home and someone to calm down his very loud, very active older brother. We will see huh. And something Brian said not on his own but with great promptings was brothers and sisters....that's right looks like at least 5 kids for us. HAH! I always wanted a larger family so I guess this was the Lord's way of telling Brian, yes you are having more than four...which is the number he always says we are having to which I always say we will see...I want 5 or 6. Thank you to everyone who took part in the blessing of Emmitt and to all our family for being supportive and coming to visit us.

Thanks dad for rigging a tripod up so we could all be in this photo, I think duct tape was involved. Why I didn't bring one I am not sure.
That afternoon my Aunt Peggy drove up with my Grandma, and her two girls Monica and Micaela and youngest son Christian (my cousins) for our BBQ and to see the new babies of course. After lunch it was kind of funny all the women are out in the living room visiting while all the men went and took naps, go figure.
We kept it pretty low key this year and just drove over the firework show that the city does at CSI. Nothing compared to the Idaho Falls show but it was fun.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you look amazing! I wish I could've been there for the blessing. It looks like you had a full house and lots of people to entertain! It is fun to see you doing all the things I did growing up and when I come home we still do. I haven't gone to CSI for fireworks though since I was little. I always loved that... but yes, the IF fireworks are still the best I've seen! Idaho looks so pretty right now! Thanks for all the pics :)