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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sun Valley

Brian and I had a fun weekend get away to Sun Valley! Our plan was to camp one night and then stay in the lodge the next; HOWEVER, there has been a bear problem in the area....SO Brian and I thought it would be better to avoid getting eaten by a bear. So we left our trunk full of all our camp gear and stayed at the lodge for both nights. Although I was a little bummed about not camping I do have to admit it was nice to be pampered for an extra day.
Friday night we ate at the Sawtooth Club on the roof, a club in Ketchum. Brian had crab legs in his dish...this is his first attempt at cracking them. Our food was really good. We spent most of htat day shopping in Ketchum, and we were glad to go back to our hotel to rest...way too much walking in heels!
Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then enjoyed some time at the Spa. Brian had a massage and I had a massage and a pedicure. You can see my cute toes...LOVE that pink.
This is our room. It was nice, except seriously the mattresses in hotels are NEVER comfortable, but their pillows were good.
We also went golfing..well putt golfing. It was a really fabulous golf club....next time brian can spend 18 holes, equivelant to 5 hours on the course...and I will spend the whole day at the spa. :)
I did get a hole in one and Brian didn't...hehe.
Saturday night we went to a fun ice show. We upgraded our tickets to that as well so we had a lovely seat on the terrace, outdoor heating lamps (it gets really cold out there at night), blankets, and the best part, the dessert buffet. I should have gotten a picture of that....but every yummy dessert you can think of was there. NOT so good for the diet, but it was delish!
Sunday morning we joined the Sunday Brunch in this beautiful room and ate LOTS of yummy foods. Omlets, crepes, salmon, cheeses, fruit, eggs benedict, and more...yeah we ate a lot. AND just before we left we were able to get a photograph together....the hard part about traveling with only two of you. You can see the swans in the background. This is in front of the pond at the entrance to the lodge. And that swan did pose just for me!
A BIG thank you to Melissa and Jessica for watching Braden for us over the weekend. Don't worry we brought them chocolate and fudge! Braden was really happy to see us as you can see he missed his daddy, and we missed him!

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