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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Braden's New Jungle Room

While my mom and dad were here we painted and decorated Braden's room. My fabulous mom made ALL of his bedding, curtains, and brought a cuddly lion for his room. My grandma gave us a cool giraffe and picture for his room. My mom did most of the painting and Brian and I took turns helping while watching Braden, as you can see he really wanted to help. He loved crawling up and down this ladder.

Isn't this bedding super cute! My mom spent forever making 3 blankets, bed skirt, bumpers, and curtains.

Doesn't it look great! We have sinced added the mamma giraffe with the baby. We moved the rocker upstairs and now we can use it to put Braden to sleep. Thank you so much mom and dad for all your help making Braden's room so fun.

Brian was exhausted...

Braden loved his new room, and his chair.

Braden always gives his lion hugs.
Thank you GiGi for making my room so fun!


Lance and Megan Jacobsen said...

Yeah new posts! I love Braden's room! It is so cute!

Linda said...

Very cute room! It's nice to see that you are blogging again!! :-) I'll call you soon!

The Bham Family said...

This is super cute, Linds!!! I love the idea of a jungle theme!