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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A recap of the past month..........

So the past month has been a little hectic and I have not made ANY time to blog. So I will do a brief recap of the last month. There have been some fun milestones with Braden and I know my family and friends have been begging for me to post these things

We have been bowling a couple times recently, once in mid January and then again last night. These photos are from a couple weeks ago. Braden has fun with the lights and seeing all the people. We have really got to go bowling more often, as my score is significantly suffering from lack of practice! Last night I only bowled in the 80-90s...I can do better than that! It may be due to my attempt to perfect my technique in not "flipping" my wrist when I bowl, not dropping the bowl when I throw it but allowing it to gently roll, and finally my attempt to one day step with my left foot while I bowl right handed. I always end of taking my last step with my right foot and doing this lunging action. PS i have no ideas why it underlined the above...i can't get it to go away.

I am going to recap in several posts, so I don't have to keep moving the photos back to where i want them. If someone could tell me how to fix that I would greatly appreciate it!

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