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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today Brian turned 28, YEAH for getting older!
Brian asked for a coconut cream pie...since i have never made one of these I consulted by favorite dessert cookbook and got started. It turned out pretty good! Brian's long day of school is on Tuesday and that is when his birthday fell this year so we squeezed in celebrating around his classes.
I met him for lunch during a break, had dinner ready for him by 5pm so he could leave again by 5:45pm, then pie and presents at 9pm when he got home from class...whew that was a busy day!
Braden got daddy a new hat...the one in the photo... Braden liked blowing candles out with dad and as you can se he also enjoyed eating some pie.
We love you Daddy! Thank you for being the best husband and father for our family...you are the best!

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